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Welcome to the world of Nexus Fantasy Gaming, a Live Action Role Playing game based in an original world.  It is our goal to provide a fun and safe playing environment for both Adventurers and Game Cast alike.  We strive to make an exciting and enjoyable game for all those who attend.


Nexus Fantasy takes place in an original world with endless possibilities.  We have 62 different class paths for a player to choose from which thy can combine to make a character that us uniquely theirs.  We pride ourselves on making plots that are tailored to each character who pre-registered for an event.  At Nexus Fantasy Gaming one will find the more they put into their character the more the game will give back.  We call both heroes and villains to come join our new and exciting world!

In this website the world of Nexus Elements and the creatures who inhabit it are described in detail.  Most of the information provided represents what is commonly known about the world your characters will be living in.

Islands of the Forgotten King Rulesbook 1.2


Callwords are the words one uses to inform those around how to react to the use of an ability, spell, power, or miracle.  This page includes a complete list of callwords used in Isles of the Forgotten King.

Cracked Rocks
Wheat Field


At Nexus Elements, we have three core values that make up the soul of our game; Safety, Fun, and Character Agency.  We strive to bring all our values together to create amazing and diverse stories with our players.

Character Creation

In this section, one will find the rules and basic information on creating a character.  More detailed information on the game world can be found under The World section.

Dead Sea


This section includes a list of terms specific to Nexus Elements and the Isles of the Forgotten King. 


BGA Template

This page is meant to help those who are not sure what to do with their BGA.  This template is a guideline and is not required by any means.

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