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The mechanics are the nuts and bolts of any game.  The following section explains the technical rules of playing a character and interacting with other characters.  It is broken up into several subsections so that it is easier for a player to find the information they need.  Each subsection details important rules and guidelines to playing a character in our world.


This page is all those spells available at character creation.  The verbals and components to learn and cast these spells will be provides to a player once they have made their selection.  Many other spells exist on the islands of the Forgotten King.  A mage will have many chances to expand their knowledge once the character is in play.


Combat Rules

This page details the information on the Nexus Elements combat system.  We have boffer combat system.  The rules in this section are geared toward keeping combat safe and moving smoothly.  This section details those rules and confronts common issues that arise in a boffer LARP.


This page breaks down all our classes and their paths.  It gives detailed information on what each class can do.  This section provides all the basic data a player needs when playing their character from each class.



The abilities on this page are all those who non-magical classes have access to.  Abilities are broken down into two main categories.  Combat abilities are those used by combat classes such as fighter or assassin. Non-combat abilities are those used by non-combat classes such as artisan.  One can find a full description of abilities listed under each class in this section.



The miracles on this page are all those available at character creation.  A player is encouraged to make up their own prayers to go with each miracle that choose.  There are two main kinds of miracles a player will have to choose from.  General miracles are those that all priests have access.  There are also a list of miracles specific to each god, and only those who follow that god may choose from their list.


This page is a description of the powers of the unlinked.  Other powers exist but are only obtainable by the truly powerful unlinked.

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