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World Overview

This page is a quick overview of the world and is meant to give an idea of the setting.  A more comprehensive dive into the sections mentioned here can be found on their individual pages.  The purpose of the following is to give new players an easy introduction to The Islands of the Forgotten King.

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Delbin- The island of Ashling, where most of the events are located, is a part of the kingdom of Delbin.  The common Delbinian tends to be very nationalistic and has an active moral code.  This nation has undergone many changes in recent years, including two civil wars.  A regent Queen is currently ruling it until her son comes of age.

Dwarven-  This nation is completely subterranean and has a strong distrust for outsiders.  They have a cationly peaceful relationship with Delbin that is founded manly on trade.

Odesben-  The people of this land are disciplined as the dry and often sand-covered terrain of their home requires.  There are strict moral codes and severe punishments for trying to step outside of their place in the immovable hierarchy of the land.

Pedear-  The Day Elf Kingdom is a meritocracy with a socialist economic and social system.  They value what is best for the many over the desires of the few.  they have achieved the closest balance with nature of all the nations of the islands.

Soterios-  The Night Elf kingdom is a matriarchal monarchy where power is honor.  Infighting among the noble houses is subtle but can take on deadly turns.  The Night Elves of Soterios feel themselves superior to all other races and are not above enslaving those weaker than them.
Wildlands-  These islands are not a kingdom, but rather the territory not ruled by any other great nation.  They are broken up and ruled over by tribes of mostly orcs and other more "wild" races.  Most of the islands are hot with volcanic activity.


Beastials- Beastial is more of a classification than a single race.  There are many races of beastials on the islands, but the most common are Vulpine (Fox), Saurian (Lizard), and Ursine (Bear).

Dwarves-  The dwarves are a stocky and sturdy race that pride themselves on their skill and finding and crafting rare elements into beautiful and useful items.

Elves (Day)-  The day elves have large antlers similar to their night elf cousins.  Their personalities and culture tend towards calm, logical reflection and civic-minded duty.

Elves (Night)- The night selves have large antlers similar to their day elf cousins.  Their personalities and culture tend toward passionate and bold action, with individual growth as their driving moral code.

Elves (Wood)-  The bulk of wood elves have pointed ears and a deep connection to an ancestral tree.  They are the most prevalent race on the islands and vary greatly in personality and aptitude.

Fairies- Fairies are creatures of pure magic.  The mysterious beings are known to only live a year but can wield powerful magic within that time.  They seem to be born knowing more than any other race and have no 'childhood'.

Florians-  Florian is more of a classification than a single race.  Not truly animals, the florians are, in fact, sapient anthropomorphic plants. There are many kinds of florians in the world, but the most common are Silva (Flower), Furvi (Cactus), and Aviums (Fungus).  

Orcs-  All adult orcs are distinguished by the tribal tattoos on their face and their strong protruding brows. They are considered a strong and primitive race that finds it difficult to thrive in most civilized kingdoms.



Artisan-  The only difference between an artisan and a simple craftsperson is the continued push towards more complex and amazing things and a mind wanting to understand how it all works.

Assassin-  Anyone can kill for coin; an assassin is someone who has trained in specialized skills not to be caught,

Fighter-  The fighter classification covers a multitude of martial skill paths; those with a fighter's training can be anything from the knight guarding the castle gate to the savage screaming into battle.

Mage-  Nearly all life has a connection to the magical storm; what makes magi different is their innate ability to manipulate it.

Priest-  Most sapient life worships at least one of the gods, but as a priest, you take on their cause and spread their word.

Thief-  A thief specializes in gaining things others do not want them to have; sometimes it is coin, while other times, it is far more valuable.

Unlinked-  The source of the Unlinked power is the absence of magic in a world where magic is life.  For this reason, all those who wield this power are distrusted from birth.

Daily Life

Adventurers- A day in the life of the average adventurer is filled with danger, glory, and more riches than most see in a lifetime.  They come from all walks of life, and though many die young, it is a life sought after by those willing to take the risk and change the world.

Everyone Else-  The average person doesn't fight monstrous beasts or rescue small children from a troll's den.  They live in an ordinary and mostly peaceful way and try to make lives for themselves away from the dangers of the world.

Current Year- 1849 AK (After King)

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