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At Nexus Elements we have three core values that make up the soul of our game; Safety, Fun, and Character Agency.  We strive to bring all our values together to create amazing and diverse stories with our players.


The safety of all our participants is one of our top priorities. We take safety into account with every decision we make for the game. Though we work very hard to achieve this goal, it is not something we can do alone. It is on every participant to make safe choices when playing their role. If a participant ever feels like they or another participant are in an unsafe situation, they should stop the game so that Staff can handle the unsafe situation. If a participant feels as if another participant is acting in an unsafe way, they should report these actions to Staff.

Combat Safety

It is important to know how to fight at a LARP where you are not actually trying to hurt anyone. The following section lists rules to keep everyone safe. If it is found someone is blatantly disregarding these rules, they will be asked to leave immediately. There is no excuse for trying to physically harm another person.


Combat Certification

In order to participate in Nexus Fantasy games, you must be combat certified first. The game officials will certify all incoming players to ensure that they know how to handle a boffer safely as well as know our safety rules and call words. Returning players will also be recertified on a yearly basis. 


Game Stop!

If you hear someone shout “Game Stop!” during the course of play, immediately stop everything and place your weapon or fist on top of your head in the Out Of Character stance. If someone calls a Game Stop, it is important for all players to stop everything they are doing at that moment until they hear the words Game Start. Even if you are not right next to the person that fell down, you may be in the way of someone you can help.



The terrain is something everyone in battle should be paying attention to. If there is a drop-off near, lots of rocks and roots, a stream or lake, or other hazards, these are important things to note. If you feel that it is getting too risky to be skirmishing where you are, call a Game Stop, and ask to move the battle away from the hazardous area. Likewise, if someone calls a Game Stop and asks if the battle can move, do not keep fighting, move until everyone is safe and start the combat as if nothing has changed.



If there is an injury, it is important for those who notice to call a Game Stop and seek help from game officials. The injury will be assessed, and the proper action will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Members of the Staff are First Aid/CPR certified, and Emergency Services can be at Camp Denison within 5 minutes.


Weapon & Shield Construction

In making a boffer weapon, it is your main focus to create something that will not hurt other people or yourself. The following section outlines the minimum safety requirements of each type of weapon and shield that can be used in the world of Nexus. Weapons will be checked before each game to make sure they are safe for combat. If the weapon is not checked or fails inspection, it will not be permitted to use in the game.


Approved Materials:

Anything not on this list should be cleared before the game

  • ½ inch or ¾ inch PVC pipe, depending on the length of the weapon

  • ½ inch or ¾ inch Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber 

  • Bandpole (only for staves/spears)

  • Duct Tape

  • Foam Pipe Insulation

  • EVA Foam or Camp pad foam

  • Open Cell Foam


Construction Requirements:

Any thrusting tip must be larger than 2 inches and well relieved. All axe, mace, and hammerheads should be made of open-cell foam and should be well relieved. Pipe Insulator/EVA Foam must be well secured to the core.



  • Swords & Daggers-

    • Length Max: 4ft

    • PVC Size:

    • 3ft and less can have ½ inch core

    • More than 3ft must be ¾ inch core

    • Must have 2 inches of open-celled foam on all thrusting tips

  • Clubs, Maces, Axes, & Hammers-

    • Length Max: 3ft

    • PVC Size: ½ inch core

    • Axe blade/Mace Head/Hammer Head Must be made of open-cell foam and well relieved

  • Staves and spears-

    • Length Max: 6ft

    • Must be completely padded

    • Must have 2 inches of open-celled foam on both ends

    • Spear blades should not have a core

  • Throwing Weapons-

    • Cannot have a core of any sort


Ranged Weapons: LARP Safe Arrows only. Staff reserves the right to disallow them and to require certification from our Staff to use.  Packet Bows are a viable option.


Shields:  All Shield edges should be covered in EVA/Pipe Foam. It is preferred that the face of the shield also be covered in EVA foam/Camp pad foam.

Code of Conduct

Above all, Nexus Elements attempts to foster a community based on playing in a game. And just like other communities, we have certain rules that need to be respected, either for player safety or to ensure the fairness of the game. There are no exceptions to these rules - ever. They apply to all members, be they Adventurers, Staff, or Cast. Deliberately breaking any of these rules can result in your ejection from the game.

Drugs and Alcohol: Nexus Elements strictly prohibits any and all illegal drug use or alcohol consumption at its events. In addition, using these things off-site and then coming to our events under the influence is likewise prohibited. This is a serious violation and may result in legal action being taken.


Physical Role-play: Nexus Elements does not allow for deliberate, aggressive body contact during combat without prior mutual consent. For the duration of a Nexus Elements event, consent is defined as a clearly asked question followed by a clearly stated “Yes” or clearly given permission responded to with an “Okay.”  

Example: Rukazajin, the Orc Berserker, is once again in a Rage. While in this Rage, Ruka yells out, “You’re going to have to tackle me to Subdue me,” to which the player who is attempting to subdue her responds, “Okay.”

Sneaking & Theft: If a player wants to sneak into a building or tent, or cabin, you must have a Staff member present. In addition, any sort of theft of “out of game” items is forbidden. Abuse of this rule will result in disciplinary action and may result in legal action depending on the severity of the situation.


Game Stop! If you hear someone shout “Game Stop!” during the course of play, immediately stop everything and place your weapon or fist on top of your head in the Out Of Character stance. Game Stops are only called for safety reasons or if the Staff needs to address the players as a large group. It is the most important call in the game and should be adhered to at all times. Game Stops should be taken seriously as they will most commonly be used as a precautionary measure. Pay attention to anything being said by a Staff Member during such. If you call a Game Stop because of bad terrain, adjust position and begin again with “GAME ON.” Violating this one is a good way to get asked to leave an event.


Rules Misuse and Cheating: Abuse of the rules that is viewed by a Staff Member to be beyond repair or breaking the spirit of the game will result in a reprimand. Blatant cheating by ignoring successful strikes, forgery of in-game currency or items, attempting to use call words you have not actually unlocked, or failing to count wind/devotion/spark may result in a reprimand. Repeated violations can result in being asked to leave without reimbursement.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Arguing with Staff, being verbally or physically abusive to a community member on an out-of-character level, or other forms of misconduct that breach the community goal of getting together to have fun will not be tolerated. Acting in such a way may warrant a reprimand or even result in being asked to leave and not return.


Nexus Elements strives for a setting where all can be comfortable and harassment-free. Nexus Elements has a “Zero Tolerance” Policy for harassment of any kind, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Verbal comments, displayed images, or gestures that denigrate individuals based upon gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, age, religion, political beliefs, philosophies, geographic origin, or socioeconomic status;

  • Physical or verbal intimidation or any other behavior that reasonable individuals would view as abusive;

  • Loud arguments that move beyond the expectations of polite discourse and are clearly;

  • Stalking;

  • Body policing, including gender policing in all bathrooms;

  • Non-consensual photography or recording;

  • Inappropriate physical contact or proximity;

  • Non-consensual physical or emotional interactions;

  • Unwelcome sexual attention, whether verbal or physical;

  • Unwelcome physical attention related to, but not limited to: race or ethnicity, body size, physical ability or restrictions, appearance, religion, citizenship, or pregnancy.


Nexus Elements games involve role-playing situations where members portray characters in a fictional world. Members may encounter in-game situations in which characters are verbally abusive to other characters. It is acceptable for characters to verbally abuse other characters, but not for players to abuse other players. Nexus Elements’ harassment policies always remain in force.

While Nexus Elements’ commitment to fostering diversity aims to protect members of historically marginalized groups, the Staff does not condone blatant discrimination toward any group, including individuals from positions of historical power. This harassment policy applies to both in-person and online activities. Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. All members of the Nexus Elements Community, from Adventurers to Staff and Cast, are subject to this anti-harassment policy.


Reporting Harassment

Participants can report harassment at any time:

  • Before our events: If you are harassed or notice instances of harassment in the online forums, please notify the moderator of those forums immediately. These messages will remain confidential, known only to the group moderators and the Staff. Reports received about registered participants prior to the events are subject to the same consequences as those received during the events.

  • During the event: If a Code of Conduct violation occurs, please inform a Staff Member, or request that a friend do so on your behalf. 

  • After the event: We prefer that action is taken during the event, but should you have concerns after the event is over that you feel Staff should be aware of, please contact us at


Before anything else, Islands of the Forgotten King is a game.  The reason we all come together is to have fun.  Though we challenge the characters and sometimes the players, the goal is for everyone to have a good time.  For this reason, we strive to keep all the drama and hardship in-game.  Out-of-game, we offer support to our community.  Open communication between staff and players is key to everyone’s good time.

Character Agency

Character Agency is the effect the character’s choices and actions have on the world itself.  It is important to us that when the adventurers make decisions, they are reflected in the story.  This doesn’t mean every action has world-shaking consequences, but it does mean that what the characters do means something to the setting.

Character Backstory

A character backstory is what has happened to the character before joining the game for the first time.  They often explain why the character has decided to leave home and become an adventurer and what has brought them to the group in the first place.


What is in a character’s past helps shape the world and gives the writing staff an idea of what kind of plots interest the player.  The decisions an adventure has made not only define whom they became but also others around them.


We encourage all new characters to have at least a bit of a backstory and reward it with an experience bonus towards the character’s established classes.  We’re also more than happy to help a player develop their backstory and answer any world questions they may have.  As in all things, we are here to help support and guild players as need requires.


What is a BGA?

BGA stands for Between Game Action.  They are one of the ways characters interact with the world while not at an event.  These are usually actions that game longer than a few hours and do not involve any other players.

BGA Template

Character Name:

  • Plot Actions: (These are actions that are directly engaging a current plot that is going on)

    • Examples

      • My character is going to use their free time to help in the war effort

      • My character is going to try to find the enemy's camp

  • Skill Actions: (These are actions that use skill classes)

    • Examples

      • My character is going to gather lemongrass

      • My character is going to use my metal supplies to make a sword

  • Research Actions: (These are actions that expand skill and magic classes)

    • Examples

      • My character is going to try and build a spell.

      • My character is going to talk to their teacher about getting a new recipe.

  • Travel Actions: (These are actions for when the character needs to leave the island)

    • Examples

      • My character is going to travel to the Wildlands to meet with long lost family

      • My character is going to the capital to talk to their guild.

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