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Official Daily Reports of Ashling

Official Daily Report, March 7th, 1843 AK

Acting Sheriff Aurix reporting

The day started normally, but as you know, that cannot stay. What is it about six o’clock on a Saturday every other month? There was a ship scheduled to dock around that time, and I am relaxing in the inn getting ready for dinner. I turn around and who should be outside the inn but Jade, who I saw get pushed into a volcano and burn alive. I start asking her questions, but she doesn’t seem to know anything. The aforementioned ship lands letting off our paladin Zahralisse Brightblade’s grandmother and uncle. The grandmother is some kind of really important priest person and she and Zahralisse go off talking about the temple they intend to build to Solice. The uncle joins Jade and I in the inn. Jade starts talking to this person that only she and the uncle can see. She said that the rest of us were “not worthy” of seeing her friend. Jade has this new necklace around her neck that was strong magic, she didn’t recognize and claimed as hers. Guess what. We couldn’t remove it. Not only that, but this invisible friend of hers—Jade has terrible sense in friends—finds me rude and takes my things. Repeatedly. This invisible “friend” turns out to be an aspect of the goddess Freya, who now owns Jade because Jade’s (hopefully former, although uncertain about that) best friend pushed her into a volcano. Jade was dead, then brought back to life and now has the magical collar around her neck that we can’t remove that makes her Freya’s property. Meanwhile, more of my things start disappearing and Jade claims that it was not Freya. Apparently Zahralisse’s uncle can go invisible. Wonderful. A Sorian merchant comes into town with a few things, including my swords, a magic box that won’t open and has some kind of writing on it, and a mug that was mundane and then became magical (I learned later that this was the doing of Freya). Zahralisse buys the mug, which turns out turns invisible when you put liquid in it (we need to get Lorman a mug that turns anything you put into it alcoholic), Jade for some reason thinks its a good idea to buy the box, and we manage to talk the merchant into giving my swords back. About this time the old man wizard comes around and gives me a tablet with arcane writing on it, so naturally I start transliterating what is on it. Unfortunately I can’t get any peace because of the uncle and Freya joining forces to take my things. I lock myself in the guardhouse, a time honored tradition as you know. Unfortunately this is when I learn that the uncle not only can go invisible but also intangible. Just what I needed. He and Freya decide to follow me and continue taking my things. Bears wander into town so I give my stuff to the Mayor for safe keeping. When I finished with the bears I discover that the Mayor, with good intentions, locked my stuff in the guardhouse. Unfortunately the uncle and Freya are not stopped by locks, so when I return my stuff is gone. This uncle starts leaving them behind one thing at a time, but eventually I get them back and go back to the guardhouse to try to get some work done. A merchant came through selling swords and stopped by the guardhouse to check with the authorities before selling his wares. The one normal thing all day. I did a lot of delegating to Jade when they tried to get me out of my work. You’d’ve been proud. Some spiders or something attacked I decide to delegate that to Jade as well, but its not going well. I come out, carrying all my things, solve it in half a minute, and return to my work. Zahralisse offers to bless me with Solice to try to keep her uncle away. I decide to accept because I figured I had nothing more to lose at that point. Oh how I was wrong. I lost all of the work I had done on the tablet and every other necromantic spell that I had, including your favorite my healing spell. She tries to tell me that all necromancy is evil and that if Solice made it vanish it was for my own good. She asks if she can see the now blank tablet, so I let her see it, but then she goes and smashes it. I arrest her and throw her in a cell without a fight. Freya shows herself to me and says that she can repair it if I become a follower of her, which involves burning things in her names. I decide to accept. Why beats me, but I did. She fixes it and I continue work only to be interrupted by a merchant who tells me he has a potion that can allow me to hit intangible things and make them tangible. Where was that when we were facing the necromancer lady. I got the Mayor to pay for it under the condition that I find a nonlethal way to end the situation. I find him using magic and hunt him down, whack him and bring him in. At this point Zahralisse’s grandmother, who had managed to sleep through this entire thing, comes down and demands to see her granddaughter, eventually demanding her release. After some negotiation, it is determined that she can go free if they have a civilized discussion in the inn regarding what necromancy is with the old wizard. Meanwhile I have a talk with the uncle, who turns out to be an aspect of a chaos demon. Just what I needed. Eventually I strike a deal with him that he cannot take anything that others consider theirs on the island. A merchant shows up with a cloak that makes you sing and dance, but he falsely advertised it as a cloak of protection. That was not very amusing. A few minutes later the uncle shows up with an army of bears, which decided to lick us and then go back into the woods. I declared my shift done and went straight to bed.

  • Notable Arrivals:

    • Zahralisse’s grandmother

    • Zahralisse’s “uncle” the aspect of a chaos demon

  • Arrests:

    • Zahralisse Brightblade on charges of destruction of property; charges later dropped.

    • Zahralisse’s “uncle” on charges of theft and disturbing the peace; pardoned after deal was reached.

  • Expenses:

    • Potion of become tangible (60 gold; paid by the town)

-Deputy Aurix

P.S. I now understand why you don’t deal with my arcana. This divinity crap made my head hurt.

Official Daily Report, September 5, 1843 AK

Acting Sheriff Aurix Reporting


Wedding day! Hooray! To make matters better, our dear friend and orchestrator of our end of this whole mess Sir Symon was nowhere to be found. Missing in action, presumed drunk (although I can hardly blame him). Dealing with newcomers, dealing with oldcomers, and investigating two murders of priests. My plate was full. When Lady Carthairen arrived, we completed our preparations and gave her the gift she desired. That necklace though wasn’t easy to get. Compensation would be appreciated for, well, saving her (And before you say I get paid, we both know I don’t get paid anywhere near enough to afford something like that. A raise, a one time compensation, everything helps). Anyway, shortly after, Lord High Baron Let’s-Watch-People-Kill-Each-Other arrived and demanded to be entertained. Apparently he isn’t a fan of our Water Priest’s humor, although I can’t fault him there. Instead, he demanded blood sport, and overruled my objections. I don’t think he likes me. Once he was informed that his priest of Whatshisface hasn’t been seen since the assassination of another priest, there was some arguing over who would do it, although frankly I don’t know who ended up with the assignment. What I do know is that Water Priest almost got the job because he promised it would be short. Regardless, shortly after the beginning of the ceremony, the King showed up. Too bad you didn’t get to see your hero, who you so gallantly and selflessly named our town after. Anyway, he came to claim his bride, the Lady Carthairen. There was some arguing over who’s bride she really was, and then of course like you high lordly folk always do, they settled it with a duel. A duel with rules. Turns out though, Baron Cheetyface decided he was above rules and struck the King with a poisoned blade. He ran off while we attended to the King. Turns out that it was a grievous poison that required magics well beyond me. Fortunately for us, Lady Carthairen seemed to know what to do. While we were still in disarray, the soldiers of Lord High Baron of Arrogance I-Am-Better-Than-You-Because-I-Am attacked, but we managed to fend them off. We needed a branch from the tree in the center of the island, but the magics that the Lady would be performing both before and while she had the branch would attract outsiders to her, plus we had the rest of the men of Baron Too-Scared-To-Do-His-Own-Dirty-Work to worry about. We had to split in two. Water Priest took one half to get the branch and I was staying behind to protect the Lady and the innocent civilians caught in the middle of this (Aren’t you proud of me?). First we set up a sanctuary. Don’t ask how it worked, it just did. We had an interesting stand off with a bunch of the demons before they left and broke through an upstairs window. At some point around here, we lost our sanctuary (Again, don’t ask, I have no idea how or why). We fought several more waves of the demons, gathering their hearts because there were larger ones that could not be harmed by sword or ax, but were banished by the touch of one of their younger cousin’s hearts. At several points we had civilians enter, but luckily for everyone involved there were people who are far better at sooth-talking than me to handle that. We also had a run in with a few more soldiers of Lord High Baron I-Can-Not-Come-Up-With-Another-Good-Insult-To-Show-My-Despise-For-This-Man came in, this time undercover as civilians and attacked. Once more, they were repelled, but it certainly shook us. Eventually the other party returned with the stick and about half of those who ventured out. Not entirely sure why, but I guarantee it wasn’t anything good. There was one final assault while Lady Carthairen was doing her magics. Once the magic was complete, I thought I could take a rest, but no. The earth shook and a portal to the Wildlands opened…

  • Commendations:

    • The Earl in Pink for her sanctuary, talking with civilians, and general willingness to help.

    • The Vulpine of Sleeping Sickness for not being a pain in my ass, doing as she was told, and actually freely offering to be helpful.

  • Expenses:

    • Necklace used to allow this whole thing to happen (Out of Pocket; Paid by Aurix)


-Chief Deputy of Arcane Affairs Aurix

P.S. Do you think the King will give me bonus points for trying to stab Baron I-Am-So-High-And-Mighty-Your-Peasant-Swords last time he was on the island?

Official Daily Report, May 14, 1844 AK

The highest ranking official that actually shows up Aurix reporting

Another fun, eventful day on which our dear leader did not show up. I wonder how much longer before I just get promoted to captain of the town guard in title more than just for all intents and purposes. So the farmers created some kind of guild to have a place for us to do things for them and so they have some representation. Makes enough sense to me. Guess who represents them? The old sheriff. He had some not so pleasant things to say about Sir Symon. Shocker. Anyway, there were a few odds and ends for us to do, and we did them and got paid. The circle of the economy. There were also these wonderful fellows Green and Blue, which each made their first appearance the day we had to deal with the black robed fellows and their death knot. Turns out, they are an angel and a demon of what appears to be the goddess that we reconstructed from the four seasonal dryads, but which is which depends on who ends up gaining more power, and that appears to have been Green, which represents nature, passion, emotion, and base instinct, whereas Blue represents civilization, order, society, and logic. I spent a very long time trying to hammer into them the idea of balance as they both clearly need each other, but they're divine beings. Of course they didn't listen. That would make things too easy. I think Green ended up with more power, and there are certainly some of those around who made friends with Green, for better or for worse. Crazy orc lady with the club apparently has a wolf pack. Somehow this does not surprise me at all. The dwarven market showed up again, this time they clearly attacked us first. Not sure what exactly happened, but it was out of my jurisdiction, so I don't really care. And get this: the priestess of Solice was told to leave for fear she would steal something. Made my day. That's actually a lie, because she started hallucinating that her god died and his other followers considered her a failure. It was wonderful. Oh, and you know the rule of "get someone else to touch the mysterious magic thing first"? Yeah, I forgot about it and opened a magic box. I appear to be alright, but I did pass out. Turns out the box even had a label on it that says "do not open", but it was in a language I couldn't read.

-Turquoise Aurix

Official Daily Report, September 23, 1844 AK

Commanding Officer of the Island Aurix Reporting

It was a quiet day. Or as quiet as it gets without Sir Symon. He’s never around when we need him. I got in really late in rough weather to find the regular crowd sitting in the inn. Except our Mayor is still missing. Turns out, Lady Carthairen is also off the island. That puts me in charge. In comes a few new faces. Soazig, one of my old acquaintances comes in and tells us a tale of woe of how she is currently serving a god she does not want to serve. Sounds right up Jaderiel’s alley. Soazig also has a magical rock on her that has a word written on it in a language I can’t understand. Also to show up to the inn is the physical manifestation of the tree, in the full ignorant playful mode of Winter, as we left her. The most interesting character to come this night was UnSeelie, the mother/creator/goddess/I don’t fully understand of half of the Fey, including our dear Mayor. She tells us the world is going to explode and the rock that the rock is a part of it. Now eventually she goes on to clarify that it is an explosion in a different sense, that the world isn’t just going to go boom, but that there are strong forces at work that are going to culminate soon. She also tells us that for once the evil ones are as clueless as we are, and that that’s a good thing. I go on to list a bunch of our past enemies, and apparently none are “evil ones”. Apparently the evil ones are immortals who like to pretend they’re mortal and when she senses them, she runs. After learning all of this I go to bed, probably much later than I should have.

-Not an Evil One Aurix

Official Daily Report, September 24, 1844 AK

Commanding Officer of the Island Aurix Reporting

Well, the world is going to explode. But not yet. First the monkey Jaderiel had trained appeared, only to be shot by Jaderiel. Eventually, the monkey shows us there are cairns eventually led him to a stone tablet with a bunch of writing on it, the same kind as on the little rock. I knew my task for the next few hours. However, pretty soon, I get interrupted by the tax collector saying he was attacked on the road. We ran off, saved the caravan and recovered the taxes, which I give the Jaderiel to guard. Remember that tablet? Turns out it attracts undead. Cause we don’t have enough undead problems as is. Our own Aznug has become a member of one of the local Saurian tribes, and returned with another of the rocks with writing on it. I continued to translate the rocks and do some small odds and ends for the townsfolk, and try to sort out what is going on. It turns out the rocks form a ritual to raise someone to godhood. After a lot of brainstorming and talking to others, we figured it was our very own tree that was going to be raised. However, we could influence her domains through the small rocks, which each had a word on it that would become one of her domains. By the end of the day, we had the “wrath”, “beauty”, “trees”, and “saurians” rocks. Additionally, we had obtained, from less than reputable sources we presume are evil ones, blue cylinders with “power” and “destruction”. However, by time we figured all this out, we noticed that both the tablet and the box of taxes were missing. They were eventually recovered, and then placed into the strongbox, which was in turn stolen in its entirety a few hours later. All the contents were recovered. Around evening, we found a lot of bigwigs coming to our island to make note of the historic events as they were unfolding. One was an Avatar of Marcus. Not entirely sure why she was there. Another was a historiographer that was also present and helpful during the whole marriage incident. A few not worth noting, but most…interestingly, was the “High Chronicler of Order of the Shining Light”. He decided to make himself at home in the inn, much to my objection, and started holding interviews with the inhabitants. He decides it would be a good idea to cast a fear spell upon Jaderiel and Zahralisse. I try to defuse the situation with the chronicler, but Jaderiel and Zahralisse, under the influence of the fear spell, tell Aznug what happened, and they barge in and harm the chronicler, breaking rules and regulations of the town guard (“you are not to start an international incident”). I heal him and try to continue to defuse the situation, but he runs off with a huff and a puff. I sent a letter to Lady Carthairen explaining what happened, so that she would hear it from us first, and a strongly worded letter was drafted and sent the the chronicler by those affected by his spell.

-Aurix, preventer of wars

Official Daily Report, September 25, 1844 AK

Commanding Officer of the Island Aurix Reporting

After the events of the previous night, I was hoping for a quiet day, which I mostly got. First we completed the ritual, which caused the destruction of the docks. She was raised with the domains of “beauty” and “trees”. I tried to find carpenters to repair the docks, but they were all called away to work on barracks at our Lady’s place. My next order of business was opening a box for our healing friend, which put my in a magical trance that forced me to try to kill him. I am very disappointed in my guardsmen because the only reason they managed to take me down was through talking, even though they outnumbered me 5 to 1. I guess we will have to spend some more time in the training yard. Once that was sorted out, the taxman came and counted the taxes, and announced there was a significant shortfall. I was given no key or number to ensure that what I was given was the right number. We are looking into the cause of the shortfall, but our leading theory (the attack two days prior) is hard to prove one way or the other. The final piece of business was that Soazig did something stupid and collapsed. We got her back on her feet, but there was some divinity crap that happened and I have a strange feeling there is now a god that wants her dead. After some complaints of the lack of docks, the rest of the day went smoothly. For once.

-Godraiser Aurix

Official Daily Report, November 4, 1844 AK

Commanding Officer of the Island Aurix Reporting

You know a great way to piss me off? Start talking to me right after a long day about heavy topics before I have a chance to eat dinner that is hours late. Some people thought that was a good idea though. Investigators from some Duke I think come to talk about the High Archiver incident. Also wanted to know about the Cult of the Void. And they continued to be a nuisance. On the upshot I saw Gin for the first time in a while. On the downside she stabbed herself in the eye while running through the dark away from these investigators. Before you ask yourself “Why didn’t you heal her?” Well let me tell you, oh wise one. Healing is a very fine art which I am only a novice at. It would be like trying to thread a needle with a hammer. Eyes are very delicate objects and I would like to see you heal one. And then undead started attacking. They always do. I just wanted to get through the rest of my day without headaches, but it was not destined to be so. It was a small crowd, only Rukazagin, Aznug, Soazig, and myself (The only one without a “Z” in their name) and we had no problem getting rid of the undead, but the Goddess(-To-Be?) Ashling was somehow at the epicenter of these things that were either drawing or creating the undead. It turns out the goddess either attracts undead, or what is more likely undead are sent to assail her. Fun. Do I ever get a day off? Apparently not given I have been basically running this guard and almost the island by myself (What is the process for getting a new mayor? Ours has been absent for a notable period of time). Sir Symon is still nowhere to be found, Lorman is being high and mighty somewhere else, and as per the request of the investigators, both Jadriel and Aznug have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. So, just me. And I can’t quit or this entire island will fall apart. Is it bad that Gin is the most sensible person I’ve talked to in some time?


-Overworked Aurix

Official Daily Report, November 5, 1844 AK

Commanding Officer of the Island Aurix Reporting


Well, undead still want the goddess, who apparently is being born through these portal things, which attract undead, shake the ground when they appear and can only be closed by a putting a seemingly random number (or at least random enough I didn’t put in the effort to try to determine the pattern) of these things that I have no idea as to their origin, Gin just said it works and apparently they do, into the portal thing and it closes. The investigators were out to get Aznug, who really made it easy for them, Soazig wasn’t helping the situation at all, Gin spent a fair amount of time otherwise occupied, the undead were at the doorstep. Headaches! Hooray! I spent a fair amount of time when not handling a crisis on the floor talking to the Avatar of Marcus, because everyone else wanted to give me a headache.  One other friend I made was with David, Bringer of Taco Tuesdays. We agreed to worship each other so that we would each become gods. This guy thinks the same way I do, it is really fabulous. Although godhood probably comes with its own fair share of headaches...Really, I just need to retire. Anyway, We found out that it appears to be the Void Cultists behind the undead attacks. No getting rid of them, although we located what would appear to be their base, but without a strong force around me. Soazig found her apprentice and killed him...Not sure how I feel about that. Around came dinner with the announcement that a representative from Lady Carthairen was coming to preside over the investigation of Aznug. She came and after lots of loud debating that just added to the headache it was decided that Lord Thomas would preside over a trial in the morning. That night more attacks and Gin left to recuperate with her pack. The only real upshot of the day was the avatar and the plan of godhood.


-God of Headaches-to-be Aurix

Official Daily Report, November 6, 1844 AK

Commanding Officer of the Island Aurix Reporting

So it turns out that Aznug stole away in the middle of the night. The investigators didn’t like that, but hey, they never told me to arrest him or keep a watch or anything, so I think it’s on them. Lord Thomas, the judge, is on my side, so one less headache for me. I should put up wanted posters...I guess I can’t get out without any headaches...The goddess was born into her full glory! Hooray! Now hopefully things will turn for the better, but they never will and I’ll never retire. Soazig, David and I followed a lead for answers to a cave but only ended with more questions than answers. Too long a weekend. Too many headaches. I need reliable guardsmen…

-First Follower of the Great God David Aurix

Official Daily Report, January 14, 1845 AK

Commanding Officer of the Island Aurix Reporting


With the new year always comes a bunch of new faces. Why is January tourist season? I never did figure that out. Back in the day I came in January because I was paid to come in January, but it always seems that we have the most new faces in January, then they leave, which is honestly for the better. It was fortunate this time though, as I needed a larger group to attack the void cultists that have been plaguing us. We raided their camp only to find it was deserted besides a token group of undead so it didn’t seem like they had abandoned it. When we got back to town we discovered that they had known of our coming and moved in while we were away. They wanted some book or other, but there was some confusion on that front. We all decided even if we knew what they were talking about and how to appease them, it would be a better idea not to. They left, leaving us some sort of alchemical device that releases a toxin that knocked people out when it was triggered. It was triggered whenever it was moved, so naturally there were some who decided to keep moving it. After some trying, we managed to open it and see that we needed components to disarm it. During this intervening period, Sven decided to return, although a little less well for the wear, warning us she was coming. Sure enough, she returned. Our bestest friend in all of the universes. The usual lecture about how she could just take everything and kill us all. Although she also seemed interested in a book she thought we had. I don’t think she is in cahoots with the void cultists, but something that both of them want surely doesn’t bode well for us. I expect further visits from both parties. Well, while we tried to figure out what to do, we kept getting attacked by undead who had the components we needed. We disarmed it just in time for the cultists to return. This time they wanted a fight, so we gave them one. They nearly broke us, but we fought them back and got all except the prince, who made it away, to return and cause us headaches at some later point. Oh, and Sir Symon returned, although he wasn’t at all helpful in anyway. Shocker there, but I can write what I want in these Official Reports because he never reads them anyways. The former sheriff agreed that of the three of us, I’m the only one who seems to actually function and do their job.

-Best Lawman the Island Has Seen Aurix

Official Daily Report, January 16, 1845 AK


No good January passes without a portal to the Wildlands dragging us through it. Today was the day. We got there and instantly people decided to strike first and ask questions later. Truly the Wildlands spirit. I forget how we got roped into it, but we ended up going to an old temple for “investigating.” There was a series of puzzles inscribed in a story to get past locks to get into and through the temple. In the first room inside, we found a journal of someone who had died trying to get into the temple. That’s when the first of them attacked. This time it was an air elemental that was difficult to kill. We learned from the journal that we needed to plug a hole in a face thing and it would stop forming, so we did. Upon reading the journal further, we learned that the person had already taken care of the earth elemental. We made it to the next room and saw a mouth with fire in it, so we doused the fire. And were not troubled by the elemental, then made into another with a thing of liquid, which someone drank without warning. Nearly killed themselves in the process, but I suppose I’m not one to talk about that. That’s when a group of natives came armed and told us to skidaddle, which of course we did, but in the opposite direction than they wanted: farther into the temple. We came across a wall with four sets of handprints upon it that demanded blood magic. So four of us, myself included, cut our hands and the wall opened to us. We found ourselves in some sort of throne room with what appeared to be an undead (why is it always undead?) king trapped by a magic rock. Well, some people thought it was a good idea to remove the magic rock, and so he got away. Jadriel decided to be selfish and while we were working out what was happening with the king guy, looted the place and refused to even let others investigate what he found. Even pirates know how to share, or so I’ve heard. They understand that if everyone just decided to loot instead of handling all the hostiles, they wouldn’t last long, and so work together and share the bounty. But no, had to take and keep everything, even though it may be vital for getting out of the Wildlands. When confronted with this, he refused to listen and eventually decided to run off alone. We chased after him and caught up, investigated the items, and, much to my disappointment because there were others who worked hard to ensure that we could get out with everything, returned them to him and returned home.

-Sharing and Caring Aurix

Official Daily Report, March 17, 1845 AK


Part of me wishes Jadriel and Aznug showed just so they could get coming, but for once someone new showed up who actually seemed to care. It was great. Soazig was there too, but nothing can be perfect. I was just settling in, getting to know our new visitor Avaline when who showed up but our Lady Carthairen. She showed up to (finally) replace the old mayor. The elections were going to be held the next day, so people should start thinking about if they want to run and who they might want to run. Later that night Unseelie showed up and told us that the evil ones were planning something and we needed to stop them. Really forthcoming with facts and details. Some unknown threat and politicking ahead. Great fun will be had, but that was to be a problem for future me.

-Relaxed Aurix

Official Daily Report, March 18, 1845 AK


Started off with a nice breakfast. Rukazagin decided to grace us with her presence. After breakfast, I go to arm up for the day, and when I return, not five minutes later, what do I find? Not only undead freely walking through the inn to take firewood, but I find Aveline and Soazig helping them...I was dumbstruck. Later I learn that the undead have been taking wood, food, and basically everything from the farmers. We heard of missing people and people starving. I just wish word of this had reached my ears sooner, I’ll need to set up a system to attempt to ensure that I hear of these problems before they become crises. Throughout the day we had goblin issues. Why I’m still not sure, but they brought two trolls into the inn and stole things. Typical goblin things. They also had some invisible ones, which are always a pain, but fortunately (and I can’t remember, but I think it was intentional) the inn has creaky floors. Invisible things still make noise. We were joined this day by a celestial fey, who apparently had spoken to Lorman. Poor soul actually listened to what Lorman had to say and didn’t listen much to me because of that and never really trusted me. Unseelie returned and enlisted us to rescue a life fey that had been captured. When I got there I discovered I knew this life fey. It’s that pain that was here in January who nearly got us killed. But he can be useful when not annoying and I promised Unseelie, so he was rescued. Also throughout the day we had visits from undead ghosts. Still not sure what that was all about, but now we have another competing church: The Church of Schmee! We also rescued a woman, in her own words, is “older than dirt.” She confirmed what Unseelie was telling us and gave us more details as to the who, what, where, when, and why. Basically these people were doing something they thought was the right thing, but it had a side effect of cutting off the flow of life into the world, something I can’t stand by while it happens. We needed to go stop them that night. But before then, it was dinner and elections time. Running for mayor was myself and Lord Lane. He won, which is probably honestly for the better. We both are among those who actually care for the island, and the last thing I need is more headaches, so when after that Lady Carthairen appointed me sheriff, it was a win-win. After dinner, it was time for final preparations to stop the end of the world. We prepared then headed out to meet up with another contingent the Lady was sending. Turns out they were a no-show, so it was Aveline, Soazig and myself. We got past the traps in the antechamber and entered the ritual chamber. Soazig and I squared off against golems while protecting Aveline who was disrupting the ritual. It succeeded and those who were performing the ritual decided to let us live and not to try it again. After that it was bedtime for all.

-Saver of the World (Again) Aurix

Official Daily Report, March 19, 1845 AK


Woke up to a scream coming from the inn. Rushed to help and there was a man who had lost his daughters dead on the doormat, with one of his daughters over him, where the scream came from. There were also more goblins in the area. I dispatched the goblins while Aveline helped the daughter. Then a merfolk decided to grace us with her presence and decided I was to be an ambassador between our folk. I think that’s a good thing. I hope it’s a good thing. Then an undead family with a baby came in and were dispatched. I was about to dispose of the bodies when Mayor Lane told me they were recently enough deceased that they could be raised. He raised the three of them along with the father from earlier. Once all were raised we were graced with the presence of our bestest friend in all of the universes the crazy necromancer lady who can’t be harmed. She did her standard spiel, then left us.

-Saver of Lives Aurix

Official Daily Report, May 19, 1845 AK


After an uneventful day, I walk into the inn to find the Lady Carthairen present. It’s always a pleasure to see her, and it was a relaxed visit trying to relive her glory days as much as possible without being allowed to carry a sword. Notably present were Zara and crew, Soazig, and Heiler, and Jadriel. Someone decided it would be a good idea to pay the Lady’s guards to try to kill her, and for some silly reason they decided to do it in the inn in front of everybody. They hit her with some kind of poison blade, but were quickly dispatched and Heiler healed her and neutralized the poison. After that, although unrelated, these shivers started attacking. They are a form of undead who only shiver and say “so cold.” They don’t do physical damage, but instead drain one’s connection to the storm if they touch you. Fortunately for me, I am a mage and have a strong connection to the storm and even if my connection is completely drained I will remain on my feet. That can’t be said for the others. Unlinked were completely unaffected though. Heiler tried to get us to follow him to some sort of cave, but didn’t have clear directions, so we weren’t going to try and blindly explore the island in the dark. Ashling also paid us a visit, although it seems unintentionally. She appeared on the floor of the inn unconscious (which I didn’t know was possible for a goddess. Learn something new every day). Growing all over her was some sort of moss that “smelled funny” and seemed to either be making her sick or be a symptom of a sickness she was experiencing. Our last visitor was some sort of undead who claimed to be a chieftain of ages past, called back to duty because someone (whose name begins with a J) decided it would be a great idea to lift a magic rock off an old orc king and release him back into the world.

-Done with Undead Aurix

Official Daily Report, May 20, 1845 AK


The moss got worse on Ashling overnight. Never a good sign. More and more run of the mill undead, the zombies, skeletons, and whatnot, came, specifically to try and take Ashling away. I don’t like this escalation of undead on my island. I am so done with them. We got visited by three more chieftains with the same story. Turns out this is the first time they’ve worked together since they were first confronted with their overlord. They had various tests or needs of assurance to make sure we were worthy of their support. It would appear we passed those tests. We decided it would be a prudent idea to try and visit Ashling’s tree. Turns out, she is in a bad enough place she can’t even remember the way, or something is deliberately blocking her from knowing. We returned unsuccessful, but ventured out again once I got my map of the area. We were blocked by lots and lots of undead, until finally we were confronted with a barrier that the undead could pass through but we could not. We tried many things to get through, but in the end we came up short. Zara managed to make it through with a blessing from her god, but the rest of us had to return through the zombie-infested forest unsuccessful. When I got back there was a man there who apparently was there to study the Box of Do No Touch. I kept an eye on the process and helped him answer some questions, and he did not touch it, so all seems well with it. As is unfortunately common on the island, the goblins were up to their mischief. This time there was a game of tag going. Blue versus red. Some people called it red versus blue, but it sounds silly when you say it backwards like that. Still not entirely sure what that was about, but I think it kept them out of our stuff a little more than usual and didn’t appear to greatly affect us. Also today Jadriel and I settled a dispute that was starting to rift the group. During the day, there was a cave in in a mine on the island that appeared to have opened a cavern with golems. We defeated the golems and took the miners back to Lord Laine, who was able to raise them. With nightfall came more undead and the return of the shivers. They kept coming and coming. Really not a fan. Also to visit us that evening were the four chieftains. They were going to perform a ritual to make us able to pass the barriers and give us gifts, both information and physical. Heiler as the most dedicated healer in our group got a cup that multiplied healing abilities, Soazig as the most bold-headed in the group got a skull that when looked into removed all fear from one’s heart, Jadriel as the one who pretends to know how to fight got throwing daggers that would disrupt the magic of the undead, and I, as First Frederick of the Goddess Ashling and the only one who seems to care about the island, was given a necklace that as long as it was worn by Ashling, the moss could no longer grow. It wouldn’t, unfortunately, get rid of it. We were also told what to expect within the barrier, at the internal barriers, and ultimately at the tree itself. Nothing good was the answer. Because we could not leave Ashling alone, we decided to spend the night in the cellar of the inn and barricade the door.


-The One Who Cares Aurix

Official Daily Report, May 21, 1845 AK


Battle day. We woke up to find that the undead had stolen Soazig’s armor and shield and threw it all into the ocean. This is why you sleep next to your gear. Hopefully she will learn that lesson. Goblins had come along and gathered them from the beach, which is legitimate salvage, then came to us to try to sell them. Before things could be resolved, Jadriel took it upon himself to resolve it violently. This is why we have goblin problems, because no one ever listens to them and everyone sees them as just little monsters they can kill like a giant spider. Once we had all our gear, ate breakfast, and Ashling was ready to travel, we headed towards her tree. We waded through undead to get there and it was a long fight to get ourselves to even the first barrier. We made it past the first couple barriers without much issue, before we come across our undead friends from the night before. This time, though, they weren’t our friends. They were redominated by their overlord and trying to kill us. Fortunately for us, we got the better of them and of their master. Ashling reentered the tree, and the moss started to die. We returned to the inn victorious. We tried to burn the bodies of our friendly undead, but when it was discovered they would not burn, I gave them a solemn naval burial. The overlord was given a less than respectful burial at sea. By the time we all reconvened, we discovered that the gifts that were given the night prior stopped working, but they had done their purpose. The most notable part of the entire situation was the camaraderie shown by all the adventurers. Everyone stepped up, did the best they could, and worked together. Made my job so much easier.

-A Rarely Proud Aurix

Official Daily Report, July 28, 1845 AK


Oh what a day. I got up bright and early to work at the yard, as the mast is about ready to be raised. That took quite a while, so I headed to the inn to have a nice relaxing drink. On the way though, I was asked for help by some farmers. Very nice people, all of them, not like the rabble rousers that call themselves adventurers, but who are really homeless, murderous creatures. Helping the real people of this island is so much nicer. They say please and thank you every time, and actually seem happy when you help, instead of trying to take credit for what you did, or running as fast as they can to loot bodies as you continue fighting to protect them. No, the townsfolk are great. They are truly what make this island possible. Trust me, I was here before there was a town, before it was safe enough to farm. They make it stable, while adventurers just try to destabilize the whole thing. Anyways, after a long day at the yard and several hours doing my job, I was feeling pretty good, even though it was around midnight by the time I got to the tavern. There is nothing quite like entering that place. I came by the kitchens first to see if there was food left, which fortunately there was, then I step out into the hall. That was a mistake. By the time I sat down, I was being talked to by four different people at once, and the one I actually wanted to listen to was not talking. After a few moments of me ignoring them, Avaline took the hint and got them to shut up. Probably felt my headache. They allowed Lady Carthairen to read me my pronouncement of Hero of the Realm. Hooray. Go me. Apparently only after saving the queen does one become a hero, not after saving the king, or the island, or the country, or even the world. Nope, just the queen. Eventually, the adventurers started talking to me in a manageable way, and I learned that Heiler owed six lives to the fae. Typical fae commodity, but hey, if they were to die anyway, may as well advance a cause. The more important thing is Orin decided to touch the Box of Do Not Touch. Apparently the name including DO NOT TOUCH is too subtle a hint. His defense was that he didn’t touch it physically, that I of all people should know you can cast spells on things without touching them. So he touched it magically. That is probably at least ten time worse. He got a splitting headache from it, so I hope he found it worth it. Well, now I will finally codify this: meddling with the Box of Do Not Touch without knowledge and consent of the Sheriff, Mayor, or Lady shall result in a fine of 1000 pieces, 500 to the Lady, 300 to the Mayor, and 200 to the Sheriff. I happen to know the Lady reads these, so she can attest to the date and authenticity of this decree. Anyway, after I ate and chided, we were joined by an dwarf Aetherling with a problem in their lands, and were willing to pay for our help. There was a beast that could not be seen that was killing dwarves and leaving their bodies behind. I volunteered, as did the rest and we were led into their lands by way of the market, but when we got to the market, we found the bodies of our merchant friends. Dead, all of them. Some of my companions tried to loot the bodies, but were quickly told no. After gleaming what little we could, we went on our way into Dwarven. A beautiful land, too bad it couldn’t’ve been seen under better circumstances. We arrived at the hall of the chief whose lands were under attack by the beast. Apparently he wasn’t expecting us and wasn’t too thrilled to see us, but the Aetherling showed up and told him to accept our help. He told us that the beast left no fur, no footprints, no sign save for the dead. On that happy thought, we retired to the barracks he provided.


-Aurix, Hero of the Realm

Official Daily Report, July 29, 1845 AK


What a land. Seeing it in the daylight is completely different, if it can be called daylight. The light is caused by sun ants that scurry across the roof of the cavern pursued by giant spiders. What a weird thing, but hey, I’m sure they think the same thing about a ball of fire. As I was sitting in morning meditation, an old dwarf lady came to the hold. She was a historian, full of old knowledge, and we started having a great conversation and I learned a great deal about dwarves and their traditions. When we realized the day was getting away from us, we went to go wake the others. She does this quite well. We all gathered for breakfast, then went out with the chief and historian to the sights of the attack to try and find hints, and that is when we first encountered it. It started as a growling noise, slowly getting closer. Orin and I could see it after we cast Detect Magic, but other than that it was invisible. Additionally, whatever we threw at it, passed right through it, blade and magic alike. A dispel went clean through it, which is unusual. It wasn’t after us though. It attacked us as we stood in its way, but it was targeting the dwarves with us. We sheltered them in a barn, which the creature appeared to be unable to get inside, and eventually it disappeared. Two valuable things were learned. It wants dwarves and only dwarves, and it is constrained by physical spaces. We talked to the historian and the chieftain if there was anyone who might have cause for this, but they both came up blank. That is when we first saw the visions. Two dwarves clearly in love with each other at the beginning of a relationship, then it faded. When asked, the chieftain had no idea what we were talking about. We found a statue of a dwarf on a hill nearby. We asked around, and someone recognized him to be Calvin, a clanless dwarf who left a few years ago to make a name for himself. We detected great magic on the statue, strongly teeming with emotion. We knew it was related somehow, but couldn’t yet figure out how. He wasn’t dead either, which was the interesting part. While trying to piece the puzzle together, we saw another vision. The couple was happy together, looking at things together in the corner of the hall, then once again faded. Goblin merchants came through with angel’s blood. Interesting folks, a bit different than the kind we get on the surface. The two fae Heiler owed a debt to showed up, as did two bandits, and so Heiler gave them to the fae. Turns out killing bandits is bad. According to Zahra at least, who I happen to know has killed a fair number. Apparently burning and drowning is considered torture, but they were to die anyway, so what difference does it make? But no, Zahra and Orin judge all and deem who shall live, who shall die, and how they shall die, even when they are guests in another’s land. The chief was fed up enough he gave Heiler the authority to kill those who bring harm to the land. While the others were still debating morality, killing, and hypocrisy, I spoke to Calvin using magic. He said he was a dwarf here who fell in love with the chieftain's daughter, but they were cast out, so they left to go make a life for themselves, but when they had a child, she returned, only to be killed and have her child killed by her own father. That his pride killed her. While I was pondering this, the historian returned with a story. She told a tale of an old clan that when greatly wronged, had the power to sacrifice themselves to bring great revenge upon the offender. I then spoke to Calvin some more, but he was very adamant as to her death being due to the chieftain’s pride, but then the emotion drained out and my connection was lost, only to have the beast return. I called it Calvin, and got its attention. It led me to a spot in the woods with a grave for Lydia, daughter of the chieftain. I left, knowing that there was more to this than just his side. As I was contemplating this, the visions reappeared, this time the woman was with a child and the chieftain was there. Upon seeing the child, the chieftain broke its skull on a mushroom, then proceeded to do the same to his daughter. Naturally, the whole group was outraged and jumped to conclusions, so before consulting the person who actually knows stuff, they summoned the Aetherling. Big mistake, especially when I point out we have no evidence. They didn’t care, they were to confront the chief regardless in front of the Aetherling. It started off poorly and only went downhill. I was so relieved when giant chipmunks came by and gave me an excuse to leave the table. I just stood there. The sooner I killed them, the sooner I would have to return, and they weren’t harming anyone, so I saw no problem. I am glad for once a higher power could endure the headache I put up with on a daily basis from these idiots. The chieftain nearly killed them and would’ve at the very least expelled them from his hall had the Aetherling not forbade it. As they were rationalizing their huge failure, I decided to talk to the chieftain and get his side, something hitherto no one had done. He told the tale of finding his daughter and grandchild dead on the border of his lands, burying them, and then the curse coming down upon him and his. I decided to talk to Lydia, but she wasn’t at the grave we were shown to by Calvin. Instead, she was in the family graveyard. I spoke to her there, and she said that she was travelling back to visit her father and show him the child when they were attacked on the road, but she never saw the attackers. She told me to make sure that her father and husband got over this, and gave me information to verify I actually spoke to her. I wanted to speak to Calvin alone, but before I got that opportunity a merchant showed up. Wow how they flock to someone they think they can purchase things from. Like moths to a fire. Anyway, the merchant was also a mage, so after the others had their turn, I pulled her aside and tried to make a deal. Turns out, the others really don’t like it when I disappear and there is a guard keeping us private. Like I can’t handle myself, but I honestly think they were worried. For me. Almost like they cared. A deal was struck, I returned to the fools waiting so desperately, and we continued the problem of solving the mystery. And of course by we, I mean I as I was the only one who seemed to be doing anything. With that out of the way, I managed to get a few words in with Calvin. I convinced him I spoke to Lydia, and he agreed to help us break the curse, and manifested himself as the beast, which I think scarred Orin in quite a hilarious way. He led us to the sites that were close to him and Lydia, sites with magical markers that needed to be destroyed by freezing and burning. I was contemplated this when we were set upon in the hall by roughians, so Heiler set the fae upon them. Really annoyed certain individuals. They started having a debate with the fae about hypocrisy, which led the fae to making them feel what people have done in the name of Solis. They weren’t so pleased about that either. Either way, some nice men wanting fair fights came through, so we fought them and they went on their way. A nice, normal thing that happened. After dinner though, the fae were getting bored and wanted to burn and freeze things. Only then did I realize that they were what needed to be done to the magic markers, so we took them there, then after speaking to Calvin, who told us to return in the morning, we retired. I wish I could say I over exaggerate my part in these reports to make myself look good. I really do because that would mean I wouldn’t actually have to be doing as much. Writing a good looking report is a lot easier than actually doing good.

-Aurix, The Only Capable One

Official Daily Report, July 30, 1845 AK


Once again, I am up before all the others, even though I stayed up later than the lazy fools. I had a talk with Calvin, who supplied me with a sword that could hit the beast, but would grow heavier as one wielded it, and a branch that would distract the beast and undo the effects of the weighted blade. After obtaining these, I had some lovely conversation with the fae, who offered me 5000 pieces for the sword. I just want that on the record for all who think I’m simply greedy and in it for myself. Did not take them up on that. They were getting bored of just me and they wanted to kill something, so they went to where Heiler and Avaline were sleeping and told Heiler to get out so they could drop a spider on the barrack. That got Avaline up really fast. Over breakfast I asked the chief if he would be willing to do the same as Calvin and put the past behind them and work together for the sake of Lydia. It took some convincing, but I managed to do it. After, we waited for the beast, during which a travelling circus came through and Heiler got another sacrifice, although the two were unrelated. We faced and defeated the beast with difficulty. Turns out it isn’t the easiest thing to be the sole attention of a creature much larger than you and that you can’t harm. Once defeated, Calvin manifested from where it was, and went back into kill the chief mode. I managed to talk him down. I further convinced him that I could speak with Lydia, which is what ultimately convinced him. Now enter her. The person who turned out to be the murderer was the chief of another hall and a rather powerful mage using my favorite of all spells, Charm. When we caught on, she became incorporeal too. Perfect. I had to juggle keeping her at bay while preventing the chief and Calvin from tearing each other apart. I eventually did kill her and allowed Calvin and the chief to make peace, and was congratulated on how I was good at coming up with resolutions to situations without violence. That is when Zahra started acting up. Turns out, a year or two ago before the Wedding, she was possessed by the Big Bad Wolf. Once again, Aurix saves the day and exorcises it. Another thief is found, and Heiler got his last sacrifice, so all ended well. Oh, and Zahra is turning into a vampire and now has an Avatar’s blessing of Marcus. This is simply perfect.

-Aurix, Peaceful Solver of Problems

Official Daily Report, September 22, 1845 AK


Adventurers are a problem. They are like little children: if you turn your attention away from them for a second, they screw something up. In this case, they decide to kill goblins whose only crime is stupidity. Not only that, but the goblins were trying to help us. Always that “stab first, ask questions never” attitude they have is a nuisance. If anyone knows how to solve this problem, please, please let me know. They don’t even clean up after themselves! Lady Carthairen had to hire a gravedigger full time just to keep pace with them. From this point forward, for each body an adventurer leaves for the gravedigger to move before dealing with, that adventurer shall pay the gravediggers wage for that day. Lord Laine noticed a similar thing when there were many dishes at the end of the day, and therefore decided to institute a plate deposit: you pay him a small sum of money to get a plate, which is returned when you bus it. These uncivilized adventurers make me feel cultured. The issue the goblins were trying to help us with, was actually a matter of importance though. They managed to obtain pieces of writing from someone who had investigated Dear Old Elizabeth and her handiwork. Of course, all this one said was that she was bad, and he would look into it more. The goblins, once I managed to convince them I wouldn’t kill them, agreed to help bring more. On that note, I would like to remind all adventurers that murder is murder. Just because it is a goblin, doesn’t mean you have license to kill it. Maybe one day they’ll learn. Oh, and heiler is now a red fairy? Still not quite sure about that one.


-Aurix, Seeming Parent of Adventurers

Official Daily Report, September 23, 1845 AK


What better way to wake up other than Catsidy? Now, now, get your mind out of the gutter. Contrary to popular belief, orange tabbies are not on their way. Anyway, we got to watch a fun meeting between our very own Zhara and a newcomer Hobbes who is a paladin of Marcus. It almost came to blows. A willing duel too, so I wouldn’t’ve had to get involved. They settled down by breakfast though, where Lady Carthairen joined us before asking to borrow a sword. Trusting her, I lent her one of mine. That was a mistake. She made me kneel and named me Earl of Yestin. I stood there flabbergasted long enough to let her run away on her ship. No time for celebration though, as there were pressing matters. A farmer informed me that there was a “witch” threatening the children of the village. I have and will continue to do everything in my power to protect them, but let’s consider terminology for a minute. Please, at least in my presence, do not use the word “witch”. It is a derogatory term for a female magic user. Just because someone uses magic and is a woman, doesn’t make her a witch. The term hurts all magic users as it is the personification of the fear of magic. Yes, it is a powerful force that not everyone possesses, but the term puts a negative connotation of magic itself, something that many magi work so hard to prove wrong. Anyway, the goblins continued to help, and the adventurers finally got the hint, after some tense interactions. From them we learned how Elizabeth usurped the bodies of others to keep herself alive. This is part of why magic, especially necromancy, has the reputation it has. Black magic, which is different from necromancy, is simply another element of the storm. Yes, all necromancy is black magic, but just because the element is Death, why is it bad? When a doctor studies a corpse so as to learn more about life, you don’t think twice. Why then is this different? Regardless of naming, what she did was wrong, and fortunately the chronicler of the papers the goblins gave us recorded a ritual to contain her, and Hobbes had a vision to tell us when she would be performing it. Throughout the day, my duties to Lady Carthairen took me away from the adventurers. Proof someone above is smiling upon me. Probably Catsidy. One time when I returned though, Heiler, Soazig, Jadriel, and Hobbes were stuck in the inn with a magic stick. Heiler commendably got them out, knocking them out, knocking himself out in the process. When he work up, he was “conveniently” missing a large sum of money. The others of course denied taking it, but I knew immediately that they worked together to take it, I just had to prove it. They were not treating him well and that just drove up tensions in the group of adventurers. Just what I need. Winter joined us for a little while before inviting us to the fey realm for lunch. That was an...interesting time. And of course the idiots decided it would be a great idea to drink the punch. It was a pleasant time, but I was ready to be out. Later in the day, Schmee blessed us with his presence, wanting to apply to be Captain. What a character, although his communication skills are very commendable for someone who can only say the phrase “I am Schmee”. After dinner, Winter invited us to a fae bazar, which was bizarre. They were selling items for memories, aspirations, and other such things. Winter, protective of Heiler who was clearly wronged, contrived it so that she gathered the evidence I needed to convict the three guilty parties. Unfortunately, Heiler had gone to bed, so that had to wait until morning. We had all had to get to bed early though, as Elizabeth was hatching her plot at dawn.


-Aurix, Somehow Earl of Yestin

Official Daily Report, September 24, 1845 AK


An early morning, although earlier than some would want, so the fae had to give a helping hand in getting people up. All stolen money was returned to Heiler with apologies, who dropped all charges. That did not absolve them from the earful that Zhara gave them, something that they totally deserved, although honestly they deserve a harsher punishment, and I think I have just the thing. For his repeated commendable actions, caring for others, and general reliability, I name Heiler, Hero of Delbin, to the town guard. Once breakfast was completed, we headed out to prevent Elizabeth from hatching her plan. No matter how much I emphasized tactics, clearly it wasn’t enough, for as soon as we put up a containment ring, Zhara had to go and break it. Within three seconds of it activating. It was then discovered that Hobbes, who was in charge of the rituals as they were rituals to Marcus, forgot the needed components at the inn, and so had to run back and get them. I am surrounded by idiots...Elizabeth managed to successfully complete her ritual, but we managed to neutralize her and put up another containment boundary. So I don’t think either party entirely succeeded. As a part of neutralizing Elizabeth, we freed the owner of her body, who was very confused, and rightfully so. Some of the adventurers were taking her back to the inn, but instead decided to abandon her part way and go oggle at an avatar of Solis. I had to go back and make sure she found her way there and settled in.


-Aurix, the Only Useful Adventurer

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